Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Success on the Skye Ridge

Saturday on the Cullin Ridge of Skye was very windy and cold. However the sun was out and it was often possible to stay out of the worst of the wind on the Glen Brittle side. David, Mark and I made good steady progress and only experienced a slight delay at the Inaccessible Pinnacle. The team opted to take in all the difficult variations and we enjoyed dry rock and great views.
We stopped to bivi early as many of the usual springs were dry (on the whole it has been unusually dry so far this season) and i descended off the ridge and trudged (slowly) back with 14l in my pack and we spent a fine evening in the sunshine eating and drinking like Kings.
Sunday morning greeted us with thick cloud and drizzle. The visibility was only 20m for most of the day and we didn't see (or hear) anyone until we got to Am Basteir where we tried to locate the owner of a mobile phone, camera and a pair of glasses that we had found on Bruach na Frithe. The weather cleared just in time for our ascent of Sgurr nan Gillean and our long walk out to the Sligachan Pub. We finally reunited the owner with their belongings but by the time they turned up last orders had been called at the bar and we weren't able to take them up on the offer of a round of drinks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inaccessible Pinnacle (In Pinn) and Munros

Back from Skye now. I'm still wondering where the crowds are; it still seems strangely quiet if you stay away from the Inaccessible Pinnacle area. Am i just going to the right places at the right times?
Saturday was a great day; the cloud burnt off in mid morning and the Southern end caught the sun first. The picture above taken on Saturday evening shows the first signs of the new weather front which caused heavy rain throughout Skye.
Fingers crossed for the weather at the end of the week and the coming weekend as i'm doing a traverse.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Skye good weather continues

I'm just back from Skye and can report that the good weather has continued and is set to for several more days. The ground in the Cullins and in Glen brittle is very dry which is great for ascents of routes that usually have wet weeps on them but not good for finding water from springs for a ridge traverse.
I'm back over on Friday but currently have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday free for private guiding up Munros, rock climbing or an attempt at the ridge traverse if anyone would like a last minute break on Skye.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Skye Ridge and Munros

The weather on Skye has been mostly very good, with the odd morning of rain such as yesterday. The In Pinn has been very busy (it is the English school half term) but each of my 3 ascents were queue free by dint of luck and getting up early. Some mornings the ridge was damp but the breeze and some warmth from the day soon dried it off. We had the whole of the North end of the ridge to ourselves yesterday and didn't see another soul all day, which was amazing as the camp sites and the huts are all teeming with folk. I'm having a couple of days at home before i go over again at the weekend for another stint; hopefully the weather will remain kind.