Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our first real frost of the winter came last night down to low levels. It has been about or just below freezing on the tops for a day or two now and the ground is starting to firm up and this big freeze will help, but it will take several more days to freeze the biggest bits of turf.
There has been a dusting of snow in the NW, see the image taken of Ben Wyvis from near my house this morning. There was a healthy amount of whiteness on it, but by the afternoon it was apparent that this was quite superficial. The north aspect crags in this neck of the woods probablly aren't in as good a condition as we would hope. However, Corie nan Lochain in the the Northern Corries of the Cairngorms has good conditions up high, routes such as 'Hormaster' V,6 have been climbed. This area is often one of the first climbable places in Scotland each year as the wind gets funneled up between No.3 and 4 Buttresses and very quickly rimes up these routes.
Hopefully a few more days of cold weather will secure a good solid ground freeze for the rest of the winter snow to come and seal in.

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