Saturday, March 31, 2007

Grand day at Grands Montets

The first day of the French Easter holidays was resplendent with powder snow from last night. We went with the hoards to Grands Montets, but actually it wasn't as busy as we were expecting. Es and i got three runs off the top bin in the company of Ross, Toby, Andy, Leanne, and several others. On the first run down to the Argentiere glacier Nigel twanged an old injury to his knee but bravely made it back round to the lifts where he spent the rest of the day sitting in the sun drinking himself better!

Our skiing legs are pretty trashed so we're going to have a couple of rest days and go climbing, the theory being that it will be different muscles.

Oh and Erik, if you are reading this, you left your gloves on the couch. Can i take them on an adventure for a couple of days?!

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