Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring is released!

Since Tuesday it has been sunglasses and t-shirt weather in the NW. Ive been rock climbing and getting 'a bit of a dab on' hill walking this past week. It's been fun getting to grips with the rock again at the start of the rock season; if only strong legs and the ability to walk with a heavy pack all day could get us up those E grades! Alas, it's time to get strong again.

The snow cover on the NW hills has greatly reduced and in the Cairngorms many of the rivers are very high indeed and the usual crossing places now require care and attention.

There is talk of it getting colder this w/e and perhaps in several days but for my money the Fat Lady has sung in the final act of this years Winter opera.
As a parthian shot here is an image of Iain Small on the Cranium start to the first winter ascent of Metamorphosis. I'm looking forward to next winter already.

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