Sunday, May 10, 2009

NW and Skye

The picture is looking over to the west from Ben Wyvis (near Dingwall)
This week the weather has been very unsettles. There has been snow in places down to 600m at night but this hasn't lingered there more than a few hours before being chased back up the mountain by the warmth of the day.

There is still snow in the gullies in the Northern Corries, the majority of the Cairngorms snow in on Breriach, rather than on Cairngorm. The fresh snow didn't make it as far as An Teallach which was bare today, but there is still a healthy amount on the high hills south of there. I have been out and about in the NW but am on Skye next week for a ridge traverse course.

I have began 'summerising' the web site and filling in the details of the summer courses and guiding. They are not all there yet, in the mean time give me an email, of leave a message on my phone. The weather is looking very promising for the coming week, it got steadily worse apparently since i left Skye last weekend (i was pleased to find out!).

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