Saturday, August 01, 2009

Navigation and climbing on the slate

The weather has been a little less wet and wild in the second half of the week but the animals in Llannberis pass have still been lining up two by two searching for an ark. The rivers have been extremely high and i'm told that the local rescue team had 11 calls out last week.
I have been out working on navigation skills and have been on the slate a but for the odd cheeky after work route. The filming of the Hollywood film Clash of the Titans continues in the state quarries but access into Vivian and Bus-stop seems to be fine.
I've not been using the new Lx3 lumix camera too much as i'm still treating it with kid gloves and hiding it from the weather. However, the shot of the North side of the Llanberis pass was taken with it on Thursday when the weather was better.
Sunday is my last day down here and then i'm back home to the Highlands for a month before coming back down to North wales for September.

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