Friday, April 09, 2010

Piste, off piste and touring @ Cairngorm

Iv'e been on the planks the last few days with Tanya looking at her ski technique on and off piste and basic ski touring skills which we put together today in a tour up on the plateau. Ben Macdui was very popular today and the visibility was refreshingly good for a change (until the drizzle came on at 2pm).
The snow on the low to mid mountain is very heavy and slow and not fun to ski but it is good up high. It hasn't frozen for a couple of days now and won't for the next couple i think.
All this warm weather has caused the great slab in Corrie an Lochain to begin to slip. This usually happens every year and there are several sweep-stakes on when it will happen. There was heavy rain a few days ago which has lubricated the bottom of the snow pack on the smooth rock and it has moved last night. It may hang on for a while or it may go in the next few days with the very warm weather forecast.
I'm out on the classic 4 4000ft peaks of the Cairngorms tomorrow and aim to end up in Lurchers gully rather than the Charlemagne gap because of the snow level so i'll try and get another picture.

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