Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mixed climbing coaching in the Northern Corries

Ive been spending far too much time staring at a PC developing the new website ready for next week (hopefully!) so was relieved to get out for a day today.

Today Phil and I went into Sneachda with a focus on coaching for advanced mixed climbing. We chose the line of Stirling bomber for this and found excellent turf and great winter conditions. The corrie was quiet with a party on Messenger, several mooching about Red gully area and other easy gullies and a party on Fluted Buttress direct i think. Several cannon balls of rock came from the fluted buttress area that were incredibly close to a winter skills party below.

There is some slab build up in the corrie high on the slopes and is resting on an old icy layer of snow. There will probably be an instability period tomorrow with the rising temp and then hopefully some consolidation.

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