Friday, February 27, 2009

Ben Nevis

The predicted heavy and persistant rain at all levels today was only partly accurate. The rain only started in earnest at about 10am and could have been heavier. It was however raining at the summit and was several deggrees above freezing on the top.

Chris was hoping for some steep ice but as every thing wasstreaming with water we opted for the safety of Thompson's Route on No3 gully buttress. I thought it good training for the waterfall pitch on the Eiger!
Indicator wall was climbed yeaterday but was very thin. I was told (but didn't see for myself as it was misty all day) that Point 5 has a couple of holes in the first pitch. Tower ridge was climbed today also.
No one was on anything hard today and the hill was generally quite quiet.
I'm in the N.W. for the next couple of days but may move about depending upon the conditions.

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