Monday, February 23, 2009

NW and Cairngorms

Ive been working in the NW and Cairgorms recently, the conditions are pretty poor with major snow loss in all area. The N.w is still holding patches and several easy gully lines but all the ice on liatach etc will be gone.
All the major gully lines in the norther corries are complete and saw traffic today from the International meet at glemmore lodge. I'm sure they will drink the place dry this week , but we may get a freeze and snow at the end of the week and some snow, so a similar pattern to 2 years ago at the meet.
I'm in the NW for the next few days and will be away from the PC probably but will hopefully get an update at the weekend and report what the latest weather event has resulted in.
The only pictures i have are of cloud and mist and soggy snow, so I'm not going to bother uploading just now!

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