Sunday, March 29, 2009

North West Conditions Update

I was on AnTeallach on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of snow (see picture). The main gullies are all complete and the corries and ridges are really snowy. The turf was quite variable but the neve was excellent.
Also on Saturday, a winter ascent was made on Ben Nevis by Iain Small and Gareth Hughes based on the E2 Metamorphosis with the Cranium start. It sounded hard.

Today i was out walking in the local hills, preparing for summer navigation courses that i'll hopefully have on the site at some time in the future...

I'm in the Cairngorms tomorrow and reports from today spoke of heavy rime in Corrie an Lochain, but unfortunately loose blocks on the steep parts of No.3 buttress. It is warming slowly tomorrow but an early start should find good conditions.

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