Monday, March 16, 2009

NW and Cairngorm Conditions update

Ive been out and about in the NW and the Cairngorms these past few days doing a mixture of guiding and teaching navigation. The weather has been warm with the freezing level generally over or just at the summits. We have had rain slowly washing away the snow, but much remains in the usual easy gully lines in the NW and the Gorms.

At the w/e the Norries were very quiet, and on Saturday we found winds gusting 90 and rain as we ascended spiral gully on great ice and snow.

Sunday was a quieter day from a weather point of view and it was slightly colder with the freezing level just about the top. We opted for the higher crag of Lochain and climbed milky way under great ice, snow and amazingly well frozen turf. Another party were on Astroturfer on good snow. Other parties were in the gullies, y gully right hand appeared to have a droopy cornice, take care if the F.L. stays high there.

I'm out and about here and there this week, but it doesn't look like there will be much of a change till the w/e where the long range forecast mentions a lowering of the F.L. , hopefully in time to correspond with some steep ice guiding i'm doing at the w/e. Fingers crossed.

Apologies to the two people that emiled me to ask when i was putting more articles on the main site - i have lost the site password and Geoff if you are reading this can you email it to me please!

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