Monday, March 15, 2010

Creag Meagaidh

I was on Meagaidh (meggy) today after the ice has all been washed away in the NW in recent days but the freezing level was more like 2000m rather than 900m and the day started with heavy rain on the walk in soaking us to skin. It was warm enough even in the wind to strip down to the chest and put dry thermals on. Wand and Diadem were our intended lines but after a spontainious avalanche came down Diadem (possibly from a cornice colapse) we walked over to Pumpkin and were rewarded with a volley of falling ice from above and the sides which made us think the better of climbing so we went for a walk.
Lots of recent avalanche activity, slab release as well as sluffs all spontainious and some from the last 48hrs.
It is supposed to freeze this night but im not convinced. I'm out again tomorrow so we will see. I'll post pictures later (more camera problems)

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