Tuesday, March 09, 2010

NW conditions - Liathach and Edinburgh lecture

The great weather and conditions continue in the NW. We are getting a hard frost each night and clear blue sunny skies each day. This is helping build the ice. Poachers received at least two ascents yesterday and White Tiger had a party ascend it. Both route suffered from brittle ice i'm told.
I did George and found it in fantastic condition (you have to breath in when threading the cave due to the ice build up though!)
This week i'm journeying down to Edinburgh on Thursday to present a lecture about Adventure climbing. I'll look at climbing in Scotland, the Alps, NZ anf the Himalaya. I'll talk a lot about new routes and the mentality that goes with them but the theme linking all the adventures will be that you don't have to be a superhero to do it.
It is being given as a part of the EUMC / Tiso series and is at Theatre 183 Old Collage, South Bridge at 8.30 on Thursday. Tickets £6 or £5 if you have a good excuse.

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