Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NW conditions update

Last night snow fell on the tops, but as the day warmed up the precipitation turned to rain all the way up the mountain. It is about to get colder and more snow is due. This is good news for the mixed climbing as the coastal hills are pretty bare and there is very little ice on Liatach due to a lack of snow above the cliffs to melt and turn to ice.
Cover is reported as good on Beinn Dearg (on the Ullapool road) and Penguin Gully an the Cold Climbs Classic Emerald Gully recieved an aascent this week but Emerald Gully is not super fat and thus may be tricky for the grade.
Skyscrapper Buttress in the Fannachs got an ascent on Monday by the direct start and the empire state finish and was in excellent condition and probably received another ascent on Tues or Weds o my tip off. Gamma gully also had an ascent on Monday and was in good condition.
There continues to be good snow cover further inland away from the coast and travel by walking on top of the snow is fine.

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