Friday, January 29, 2010

New snow

Lots of new snow has fallen in the NW which is great as the coastal hills such as Torridon were getting quite bare. Central Buttress was climbed yesterday with good mixed conditions but the sandstone teir was avoided as the turf wasn't frozen at this low level. The team (who have been staying in my guest apparment) reported that the quartzite teir was however great; snow stuck to the rock and the day sounded quite wild with heavy sleet and snow on and off as each new front smashed into the cliff.
I'm not out tomorrow but am from Sunday onwards so will report back when time allows. I think that the new snow will have fallen on already frozen ground up high so the mixed should be good but the easy gullies had a smooth hard surface so look and see how well it has bonded (the front arrived in Conon as very cold one and when this happens new snow doesn't bond as well as the more usual warm then cold). More is due tonight again and the temp is plummeting again.

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