Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Yet more snow and avalanches

We have continued to have new snow each day Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues, more so over near the west coastal hills. Much of it has either fallen or been re-distributed on a Northern wind and slopes from East through to West slopes are places where you will find windslab. On Tuesday on Beinn Eighe my team triggered a massive cornice collapse (think transit van size) which fell down a southern aspect slope triggering this. We were all fine and just watched it fall as we walked passed on our ridge line.
Northern aspects MAY have wind scoured gullies, several i saw were but don't take this as gospel for every where as there are many local winds to take into account.
The brief sunny spells have triggered spontaneous point release avalanches on southern aspects. Northern facing crags are well rimed and the turf is frozen. However, expect walking times to be almost doubled as the snow is calf deep in the valley and waste deep in places up high.
But on the whole conditions are brilliant, and it is defiantly winter!
If wading through snow is not your thing, then going inland 20+ miles will find you on crags with less snow. The turf is well froen on the crags in the far north at the moment, if i say any more then i'm making it too easy, go explore!

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