Friday, February 19, 2010

Torridon conditions

Ive been out and about in the NW, specifically in the Torridon valley. We have had 2 days of very cold weather which is growing the ice nicely. Today we did Hillwalk gully on Liatech which was excellent with no avalanche danger on the top bowl. We then traversed the Liatech massif. There is a great build up of snow on the traverse and our crampons were rarely on rock.
Team strong have been on Beinn Eighe cliffs but i haven't heard what they did, the conditions would have been great, they must have been quick as their campervans had gone by 5pm when we got back to the car park.
Today was glorious with sunglasses pretty essential and no wind at all. The sun has affected the snow on the south side of the ridge traverse but with anti balling plates and diligence it was ok. The weather may continue like this for a couple of days fingers crossed. I have some stunning shot on my other camera but can't find the cable and my computer has been unexpectedly turning itself off after having a critical error. Knowing nothing about technology i'll probably just ignore it for as long as possible and hope the cable turns up.

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