Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sneachda new snow

We went back to Sneachda today as the new snow (several inches) last night and this morning would only have made things more problematic in Lochain. As it was actually getting up the ski road was problematic enough as the road was shut and we had fun and games getting up when it eventually did open at about 10.30am.
We went to the Mess o pottage as this had seen traffic in the last few days and i hoped to pick out the old foot steps of previous parties under the new snow. It would appear that the new snow has fallen on gentle winds as the crystals were not broken and packed into wind slab very much in the corrie. A pit dug on the crag apron revealed two weak layers in the top 12 inches above the icy layer and an interesting weak layer below this with what i think were weakly bonded faceted crystals below it (i didn't have my hand lense though)
We picked our way up and started up the slant and then finished on hidden chimney which gave a good short day. There was more snow beginning to fall as we left the car park at 4pm and it will most probably snow all night. One thing to watch for is when the wind pick up there is a lot of new snow waiting to get transported about.

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