Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Intro Ski Mountaineering and snow conditions

I was out yesterday in the last of the fantastic weather (for a while) giving a refresher in Ski mountaineering on my local hill, Ben Wyvis. This peak is ideal for ski mountaineering as it has several different approaches and descent options to suit all abilities.
The day was windless and sunny, but i did note the harbingers of the next weather front, which i now bucketing down snow a i type this.
This is going to be a major headache as i have seen very well developed surface hore on all aspects (even sunny south ones) and this will cause an extreme (Cat 5) on all aspects in some locations. The next few day are probably days best spent doing other things than being an avalanche poodle. I'm already hearing of the first avalanches on the west coast and i think that this will be a bad couple of days.

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