Sunday, February 21, 2010

Torridon and Beinn Eighe

Another glorious day today. How long will this continue? There was no sign of the coastal snow showers predicted for today but at 1pm i noted high sirrus cloud forming to the south above Skye so maybe this is the beginning of a change.
We went into the Triple buttress corrie on Beinn Eighe where a party was on West Buttress and Malcolm Bass and Simon Yearsley were busy adding a new line up on Fuselage wall near the line of Ace. Incidentally, Simon runs the very successful camper van rental service, Big tree camper vans, which i have begun to see out and about on my travels to the climbing areas of Scotland. These give a great mobile base when you want to tour round the climbing areas of Scotland. I predict that they are going to very much in demand this Spring when the Skye ridge season starts.
We went up Fuselage Gully and then traversed the Masiff in the sunshine. Hard work but someone has to do it! Snow stability was mostly pretty good; i only noted some localised slab deposited on one side of the gully exit which were easily avoided on the other.
I'm probably on Liathach tomorrow. Apologies to Harpic for spelling this incorrectly two days ago and well done on the new VII, 7 in Corrie Na Cane on Liathach (yes i have spelt the name of the corrie wrong on purpose!)

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