Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ski Touring on Ben Wyvis

I have been out on the planks ski touring on Ben Wyvis on Tuesday. The forecast wind of 30mph was a bit of an underestimation and when carrying the skis i had the distinct feeling of 'tacking' as if i was on a sailing boat at the corner of each zigzag (the skis on the pack were blowing me over!)

We had planned to go over to the climbing corries and do some descents there, but it was far too windy to even stand up on the top so we skied down the bowl from the South Summit. The snow was very very hard making the skiing very dagerious and not to be recomended at the moment, if you fluff a turn on the very steep ground you will go a very long way and it won't be pretty.

However, the hard freeze is improving the climbing conditions no end in the NW, the turf has remained frozen and the snow is now a hard neve.

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